/Dont miss these cheap Xbox Live Gold subscription deals this weekend

Dont miss these cheap Xbox Live Gold subscription deals this weekend

Microsoft raised prices on annual Xbox Live 12-month subscription prices a few weeks ago to £50, putting it in line with Sony’s PlayStation Plus prices. Finding cheap Xbox Live Gold deals is our speciality though and we’ve got one today that’ll help you beat those price hike blues.

And don’t worry if you’ve got a while left on your current sub as you can stack membership codes on top of each other to extend your end date. 

The US price hasn’t increased lately, but we have managed to find a big discount on the MSRP for you too on a 12-month subscription. In the UK we’ve found a pair of offers, one for a 12-month sub, or another for six months and 1000 coins for use in Apex Legends on Xbox One. See below for details:

Xbox Live Gold (12 month subscription) | £36.99 at CDKeys
With most stores charging the new £50 price for a year of Xbox Live Gold, this is your next best deal for a 12-month subscription. It’s 1p more than buying two of the offer above, but if that one sells out, or Amazon camp down on multi-buys, this is your next best price. Although you don’t get the Apex coins with this deal.
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In the mood for deals? You’re in luck this weekend then as in the UK we’ve rounded up the best Bank holiday sales. While over the pond you’ll find our extensive hub covering the finest picks from the Memorial Day sales too.

Do I need an Xbox Live Gold subscription?

As with past consoles in the Xbox lineup, the Xbox One or Xbox One X also require an Xbox Live Gold subscription in order to play games online. You also get a selection of free games as a part of your membership and there are Xbox One Gold member-exclusive discounts in the many sales on the Xbox Live store. All in all, it’s well worth having, especially at today’s discounted price.